What is the course duration?

  • [CPR+AED] 4 Hours (Typically 0900Hrs to 1300Hrs or 1400Hrs to 1800Hrs)
  • [BCLS] 8 Hours (Typically 0900Hrs to 1800Hrs)
  • [SFA] 18 Hours (Typically 0900Hrs to 1800Hrs over two days)
  • [SFA & CPR+AED] 22 Hours (18 Hours for SFA, 4 Hours for AED)
  • [FAA] We are able to customise the course according to your training needs (Typically 2-5 hours)

What are the standard courses that a Singapore registered company needs to undergo?

  • [SFA & CPR+AED] 22 Hours  (18 Hours for SFA, 4 Hours for AED)

Is your centre accredited?

Yes, our centre is accredited by the National Resuscitation and First Aid Council.

Do the course dates have to be consecutively one after another?

No, the course dates can be scheduled according to your training needs, although it is not recommended that the dates are spaced too far apart.

Are there any assessment components?

  • [SFA, CPR+AED and BCLS] As this is a certification course, there will be a practical and theory assessment at the end of the  course.
  • [FAA] As this is an awareness workshop, there will not be any formal assessment, although the facilitator will require participation in practice or for demonstration.

How many instructors will there be?

  • [SFA, FAA]  1 instructor will be teaching the class
  • [CPR+AED, BCLS] As per guidelines, there will be an instructor for every 6 participants so as to facilitate adequate practical training

What are the minimum and the maximum number of participants for a class?

  • The minimum number of participants for any class is 6.
  • [CPR+AED, BCLS] There is no maximum number of participants, as long as the training venue is able to support the practical session that will be conducted on the ground in groups of 6.
  • [SFA] The maximum number of participants for a class is capped at 30.

What does the centre need for the class?

  • Contact person and his/her contact details
  • Projector with a HDMI or VGA cable
  • Adequate space in the training venue for practical training
  • Full name and NRIC/FIN number of every participant in capital letters

Can SkillsFuture credits be claimed for the course, or are there any other subsidies available?

We offer one of the most competitive rates in the market, discounted according to the potential number of participants.

However, our courses are not claimable for any subsidies as it is not a service usually requested by our clients, because we provide corporate training exclusively and subsidies such as SkillsFuture are catered more for the individual. 

What happens if a participant misses a portion of the class?

As per guidelines, the participant will need to have at least 80% attendance to be considered eligible for certification. Do also note that there will not be extra time catered for make-up training.

What happens if a participant misses the assessment?

As this is an accredited course, the participant will not be eligible for the certification if he/she misses the assessment.

I have a pregnant participant, can she join the class?

  • [SFA, BCLS, CPR+AED] A pregnant participant will not be allowed to participate in the class for the safety of the foetus.
  • [FAA] The participant will not be able to take part in any choking or CPR training.